Candles / A Night in Havana x large

A Night in Havana x large


Close your eyes… You head to a lively salsa club, where you dance the night away to the beat of live music.
Or perhaps you’ll wander through the colourful streets of Old Havana, taking in the vibrant art and architecture of the city. Along the way, you might meet locals and other travellers, sharing stories and laughs over glasses of rum…

Spend a crazy night in Havana from the comfort of your home! Let us take you on this magical journey to the vibrant Cuban culture. Breathe in the warm and sweet aromas of musk and oak with the spicy notes of pink pepper.

Fragrance Notes: Tobacco fragrance, Pink Pepper, Musk, Lime, Mint, Oak, Clove and Leather.

• Triple Wick Candle
• Comes in OLIA linen bag
• Size: Extra Large
• 75-80 hours burn time
• Please read CANDLE CARE and SAFETY before first use of any OLIA Candle

PLEASE NOTE: This product does not contain any tobacco, this is only a fragrance note.

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