Bali, The Island of Gods

Om Swastiastu,

Bali is referred to “Island of Gods” due to its connection with spirituality, showcased through it’s Hindu culture, myriad temples, daily offerings, traditional dances portraying mythological stories, and the belief in the divine presence within its sacred landscapes and vibrant ceremonies.


After weeks of careful packing and writing a travel plan, our hearts raced with anticipation for the adventure that lay ahead-our first solo trip to Indonesia. Our dream of exploring the enchanting landscapes of Asia was finally becoming a reality, and we counted down the days until departure.

A Journey to Remember…

As the plane’s engines roared to life and we settled into our seats, we were bursting with happiness as our dream destination was only hours away, the destination that had long occupied a sacred spot on our „bucket list” – Bali, the Island of Gods.
The vision of discovering the wonders of this far-off place filled us with a happiness and excitement.

Stepping out of the plane when we landed, was a moment that etched in our memory. The air itself seemed to hum with mystique, carrying the scent of incenses and feeling of blessing. From the very outset, we felt the enchantment that Bali was known for, and that sensation only deepened as our journey unfolded.

A Morning of Magic…

Our memory of the first morning in Bali remains vivid and cherished. As the sun’s gentle rays filtered through our windows, we awakened to a sense of tranquility that seemed to flow through the air itself. Swinging open the doors to our room, we were enveloped in the island’s magic – the aroma of incense, the traditional Balinese gongs played and the owner’s morning blessings walk around the garden. This moment encapsulated the essence of Bali’s charm and left an unforgettable mark on our souls.

Exploring Bali’s Treasures…

Throughout our stay, Bali unveiled its treasures, each experience more captivating than the last. The tranquil beauty of the rice terraces offered a serene respite, while our night hike up Mount Batur challenged us, but also rewarded us with an awe-inspiring sunrise view. Evenings in traditional restaurants saw us singing and dancing with locals, and witnessing the mesmerising fire dance under the open sky left us spellbound.

We wandered through bustling local markets, learned the art of cooking and crafting offerings, communed with mischievous monkeys at the Monkey Forest, and surrendered to the soothing touch of Balinese massages. Each encounter, each exploration, added a new layer to our connection with this land.

Scented Reminders of Bliss…

As we recount our Bali adventure, we’re reminded of the magical moments that have since become cherished memories. The fragrant Balinese Massage candle we’ve lit in our home, serves us memories of those enchanting times – the moments when we felt our spirits align with the energy of the surroundings and reminding us of our gratitude for the journey we undertook and all the milestones we achieved.

Bali, the Island of Gods, graced us with its beauty and enchanting allure. From the first morning’s magical embrace to the escapades that followed, every experience unfolded as a gift. As the aromas of our candles continue to kindle our senses, we’re transported back to that wondrous time when our dreams turned into reality, when the air itself seemed to whisper tales of mystery and wonder. Bali remains not just a destination but a chapter in our lives that radiates with joy, serenity, and gratitude.

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You can leave Bali, but it will never leave you...

Bali is more than just a destination, it's an experience that stays in your soul long after you've returned home. With its harmonious blend of natural beauty, cultural richness and spiritual depth, Bali invites you to slow down and to connect with yourself and the world around you...


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